Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eckington Beautification Day

This morning I worked with the Eckington Civic Association at a beautification project organized by Charlene McCullers.

I picked up trash along portions of Lincoln Road and T Street N.E. It's interesting to see what people throw or drop on the ground. Single-serving potato chip bags are everywhere, but I also found denture adhesive and a baby pacifier. Cognac bottles were prevalent, followed by vodka and soft drink containers. In the T Street alley, there were several automobile-related items.

I've noticed folks, who appear to come from outside the neighborhood, congregating in the past at the vacant former business located at the corner of Seaton Place and Lincoln Road. About five cognac bottles had taken up residence there.

T Street, towards the schools, was the worst-hit of all. But there were no liquor bottles.


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